You Can Make Changes Without Making Your Members Mad

It’s inevitable; things must change. Methods must change. Delivery changes.

Some of your members, though, would take a change less than enthusiastically. They may even take it very badly. But you can make changes without making your members mad.

How can you make changes and not die on “that” hill?

1) Go slow

Patience is not natural when change is needed.

2) Tweak, tweak, tweak

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Most of the things done in a church are for good reason. A good way to make a slow change is to tweak an existing “thing”. Minor changes or tweaks can ease members into a larger change. Refer to the number 1 above about the speed of tweaking.

3) Look for areas with “room”

Places of revered tradition may not be a good place to make a large change. There are times to make those changes, but they come up rarely. Instead, look for places with room. Room, the way I am defining it, is something with growth potential. Growth potential could be underserved areas of ministry, underutilized people, or spaces in the church.

Look for the change. Ease into the change. Lean into growth areas.

Question: What are some changes you are reticent to act on?