Why I’m Using @SlackHQ to Kill Email for All My Teams

We have all experienced it.

Information needed to be shared with the team and feedback needed to be recieved. Default tool to do this…email.

But it doesn’t always work very well. The information is given to a whole team but instead of clicking reply all you click reply back to the one person who you think needs that information right then. This creates an issue because not everybody learned the same feedback.

Information is lost in transmission.

Enter Slack (@slackhq). Slack fixes this issue for teams, providing a tool for efficient information transmission.

Here’s how it works.

Your team members are subscribed or are members of channels and inside the channels communication exist much like it would on a Facebook stream or Twitter feed. In┬áthat channel team members can post documents, questions, answers, pictures, and reactions to information. Everyone that’s a member of the channel gets to learn the information and the feedback.

So let’s look at the top three reasons @slackhq is going to kill email for my teams.

1. Communication is transparent. Transparent communication means that all the information that is submitted and feedback is given back on or reactions is visible to everyone. Channels in Slack are not a place to share personal grievances or HR problems or personal squabbles over issues. Direct messages are private.  Channels allow everybody to see all of the information for the work being done.

2. Slack keeps all information in one place. Information stays inside Slack. Team members are not having to use multiple services to upload documents to get information. Team members are not using multiple different email clients or services. Everyone is seeing the same information in the same apps across any device or platform.

3. Slack is available on any device or platform. No matter what device your team members own Slack has an app; iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, or browser.
So that’s one of my goals for this year; to kill email for the teams that I’m working with.

What are your goals this year?

Have you tried Slack?

What are some of your best tips and tricks we could all learn?