How VBS can breathe life into your pastoral care schedule

Your pastoral care time is most likely taken up with hospital visits, weddings, and funerals. The average age of the recipients of your time may approach the 60’s or 70’s. Want to breath some young life into your ministry?

Be the Pastor of your church’s Vacation Bible School!

How can you be the Pastor of VBS without taking over the job of your Children’s Minister?

1) Be available and visible

VBS is the biggest event of the year for children’s ministry. Your children and preschool team will know you value what they do just by your very presence. They don’t need you to do their job, just be there as their cheerleader. 

2) Build relationships with the next gen

The kids that attend your Vacation Bible School are the ones that will (hopefully) fill the church for years to come. Building a relationship with them now will connect them to the pastor and to the church at large. So learn their names and show them you are a real person, not just the preacher up front on Sunday morning. 

Question: How do you support VBS?