Creative Meetings: End Every Meeting with Assignments

Imagine going to a new movie at your local theater. Your favorite snacks were bought before sitting down. Some of the movie previews at the start were intriguing; most were not. The movie was riveting. There was tension, laughter, and a story that took you down a path.

But then it stops with fifteen minutes to go.

There was no resolution, no mystery revealed, or happy ending. Would that be a satisfying experience to you?

Ending a creative meeting without assigning tasks can be just as dissatisfying as a movie without an ending. Here’s why you need to end creative meetings with task assignments.

1) Margin in your life will increase

One way to decrease margin in your life is to do all the work yourself. If you end a creative meeting and haven’t given anyone a task, then you are going to end up doing the work. Give away the work. Your margin will increase because of it.

2) Your team members need direction

As great as your team may be at their jobs, they may not know what to do with what they heard in the creative meeting. Simply by asking what each team member can do and guiding them to what you need will help them understand how they can bring value and contributions to the team.

3) More work is accomplished

This is a pretty simple concept; more people working (should) = more work accomplished. If you don’t assign tasks then this principle cannot apply.

Question: What would you add to the list as reasons to end meetings with task assignments?