Create a Social Media team for Sunday Worship

Picture this.

The key phrases, points or verses are delivered from the pulpit. This time they really hit home. You can see it on the hearers’ faces. Some people even write it down. Some people may tweet or share it in a post on Facebook.

But we know that each person that hears it live has many lost friends or family members that would have benefited too. Some of those people are visual learners and a single line of text in a tweet or post won’t hit them where they learn best.

Enter a small group or pair or single person to your worship team; the Social Media Team.


The Social Media Team is tasked with making timely content to be shared immediately after the phrase, question, or moment happens. It’s a bring-your-own-device team that is ready to spread the message virally.

Conferences have been doing this for years. The problem is they only happen once a year. The ministry of the church happens 52 weeks a year. There’s a lot to share.

Capitalize on the moments that happen in worship and during special events.