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Like closing a book

Every loss is unique.
The relationship you have with the person that’s gone is one of a kind.

This one felt different. This one feels complete.

When I heard the my grandmother had died I was sad. Not overwhelmingly so, but sad nonetheless. We had good times together and as many other people have noted, she was a gracious woman whom no one ever saw different no matter the circumstance.

The difference here is that Grandpa preceded her. Now the pair is complete.

It feels as though a book has been closed. We all have finished a book at one time or another. The really great ones stay with you. The thing about the end of a book is it’s done. There is no more beside what you remember from the previous pages. The memories and details that stood out to you as the experience happened. The end is not the climax or the good stuff; it’s the end.

I went out last night with my father to photograph the parts of grandma and grandpa’s book the I remember the best. The photos are blurry on purpose. They are fuzzy like the memories we have whose details are filled in by our positive experiences with them.






Disconnecting my social networks

I am finally figuring it out.
Social networks that is.

Until recently, everything I shared on any social network was cross-posted on Twitter and Facebook. At the beginning it was for convenience. Wanting to just write a thought and sharing it the fastest happened on Twitter. It was simple, faster loading, and more pleasant than waiting and wading through stuff on Facebook. The ability to connect the social networks was a boon. Get two for the price of one, right?

Then, Google+ came along and said, “create circles of people, this way you can choose who you share it with.”

The problem is that does not work. My grandmothers are on Facebook. That took some time for them to learn. Do you think they want to jump ship and try something new? And some people that are in my Personal Learning Network are on Twitter. I am not personally friends or acquaintances with these people and entities. Both of these scenarios necessitate multiple social networks.

Here’s where I am at today. I have recently disconnected Twitter and Facebook and aggregate most of my posts here on my blog.

Using the IFTTT app from I have created some If/Then recipes that check social networks like Instagram, Facebook , and YouTube and automatically post them on to my WordPress blog.

From now on writings will be posted here, random thoughts posted on Twitter, and personal things my grandmothers would enjoy I will post on Facebook.

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