Do you remember Monday: James 4:13-15

After preaching or teaching on Sunday do you remember, really remember, the scripture you taught?

Mondays are difficult for a lot of people. Work, tiredness, and the prospect of the week ahead can make it easy to forget the lesson taught the day before.

Let’s start remembering the lesson from Scripture.

Sermon passage from Pastor Glen Money at FBC Monroe.

Post a picture of your Scripture passage from the previous Sunday. 

It’s Game Day!

For pastors and ministers everywhere, Sunday is Game Day.

While many people see Sunday as a day of rest and relaxation. But for you, Pastor, the most energy and work will be put in a four hour or more space of time. The physical and mental work it takes to be on your “Game” may wear you out. 

Question: How do you create margin before, during, or after your “Game Day”?


What are your goals?

This was the question posed to me by Jason Norris of Digital Ministry School and OnTheGo.FM. I was not expecting the question and was ashamed I had not thought about it previously. 

Freelancing and having a varied repetiore of services is amazing. There are many days when my flexibility is such a benefit. Flexibility can also be a detriment. If I only react to the circumstances around me then sometimes my time is not used to the fullest. Creating goals and planning ahead and living each day with purpose fills my days and weeks differently and allows me to determine what is best to do. 

So again…

What are your goals? 

Google I/0 2015 – Livestream

Keynotes and Conventions are great places to find inspiration.

I don’t know about you but keynotes and conventions really excite me. Different industries also get me excited because they add new ideas to my creative toolbox. There are a lot of places to get inspiration and keynotes and conventions are a great one.

Google I/O is one of my favs because I use a lot of Google web products and admire their forward thinking. I’ve embedded the livestream below so you won’t have to look for it. I’ll be watching.

Question: What conferences or livestreams are can’t-miss for you?

A Little Spice for Everyone

I’m late to the game on this one. But I have just discovered Sriracha and have been experimenting with it constantly ever since. 

Today’s lunch at home was leftover Nachos/Taco Salad. Instead of just doing salsa another dressing, I mixed together 2 tablespoons of Sour Cream, 1/4 cup leftover Salsa and 1 tablespoon of Sriracha. It was fabulous. 

If you don’t have a bottle of Sriracha yet…

Tips for creating your own stock photography

Anyone who has the responsibility to choose photography for print, web, or projection screens know that good stock photography is worth what you pay for it. We also know that it can get expensive and bust your budget. In order to keep from using a Google Search for images, images whose use is probably illegal if it’s good, start building an image library. Find trusted sources like,, or Triple-Wide Media and slowly build a library of good images. 

Another great way to build your image library is personal photography. Almost every smartphone today, whether iOS or Android, has a very capable camera. So if a DSLR is not within reach, just pull out your phone. Here are some tips add professional looking photos from your own shooting. 

1) Keep the frame in mind. Being cognizant of the way pictures are formatted can help as you go about your like and see beautiful things. A standard photo or projection screen is wider than it is tall so look for things that are wider that you know will touch the edge of the picture frame. 

2) Know what you design for the most. This is related to the previous point. If you design for iPhone backgrounds or for a social media site like Instagram then your pictures need to be tall and thin so shoot photos with a vertical orientation. On Instagram the image will be cropped to a square so the widest part of you vertical picture will fit perfectly. 

3) Use app filters and tools. Built into every camera app is a set of tools to edit things like color, contrast, brightness and more. The preset filters can add a pro look with ease. Just don’t overdo it.  

4) Organize them as soon as you can. It never fails, if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it later.  

I’ve added some photos below from my family’s recent vacation. These photos were taken because of the tips above. I never know when they will be used, but you have to catch it while you’re there. Otherwise, you pay someone else to catch the same picture. 



Choose a Style

Every event. Every mailing. Every thing needs a style. 

Here’s the catch. Not every thing in your organization needs the same style. A larger organization has more things to style. A smaller organization may only need one style. Let’s look at common elements in a church organization that would need a style.

A traditional worship service needs a style. List what happens in the service and the feeling of it and how it should look will start coming into view. Each modern, semi-traditional, blended, and contemporary worship service needs a style. Age-group ministries such as Students, Children, and Preschool need a style to illustrate to parents and children concepts such as security, happiness, and fun.

Style in the church setting sets the stage and the expectations of those attending. Do you have chill walk-in music or is it a prelude on the piano? Those elements convey style. From there you can add some visual elements like lighting or texture. Printed materials and screens set the style also. Make sure they look like you want to look. Do want to look formal or casual? The visitor will know your style without you telling them about it.

Style happens whether you plan it or not. Choose Your Style.